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When Dinosaurs Walked The Earth

Written by the brilliant Sean Taylor, illustrated by me

Laugh and learn with this picture book set in the days WHEN DINOSAURS WALKED THE EARTH! Dinosaurs chase each other in this hilarious explanation of the food chain.

Panda & Penguin Find A Thing

When mystery device comes between two best friends, will they learn to share, or decide they’re better off without it at all . . . ?
Panda and Penguin are best friends . . . until they find the Thing. The Thing is exciting – it has a flashing screen and makes funny ringing noises – but only one of them can play with it at a time. The Thing comes between them, but is anything worth losing their friendship?

A funny and lighthearted tale that cautions against letting technology cause problems between friends, for the very youngest children.

Watch Out! There’s A Monster Coming

Written by the fabulous Karl Newson, illustrated by me

Monster is HUNGRY, and he’s coming to find… YOU! He creeps through the streets, hunting for his favourite snack.

You’d better hide, because you know what he likes to eat.

Something tasty, something sweet. It’s… CAKE, of course!This is a true thrill-a-minute for the very littlest ones in your life,